CBD for Coronavirus

CBD For Coronavirus

With treatments still being developed, scientists are in the process of testing a variety of treatments with cannabis being one of the treatments being tested.

A recent report from Forbes has revealed a new study that adds evidence for cannabis as treatment for COVID-19.

Testing is being carried out in combating COVID-19, and whether CBD can help people are suffering from this infection. The early indications are that CBD could be used as a treatment, such as its ability to reduce ACE2 expression and pro-inflammatory cytokine production to fight lung inflammation and its potential as an antiviral. 

As a result, evidence is surfacing that CBD may help those suffering from severe lung inflammation. A recent study suggests that CBD positively impacts acute respiratory distress syndrome, which is caused by COVID-19. The research suggests that CBD may help to reduce pro-inflammation. 

The research, performed on mice, who were given a treatment called Poly(I:C) to artificially induce ARDS, with symptoms similar to what we see in severe COVID-19 patients. This reduced the blood oxygen saturation by 10%, and even produced structural damages to the lungs in mice subjects. Then after the mice were experiencing the cytokine storm and coinciding respiratory distress, they were given CBD. And the results showed just how powerful CBD can be when treating ARDS. The report stated “These symptoms were totally or partially reversed and returned to the level and condition of the normal after treatment with CBD”.

The Mice treated with CBD also had increases in lymphocyte levels in their blood, which are important white blood cells for fighting off infections. The data supports the notion that the anti-inflammatory function of CBD may reduce cytokine storm and mitigate the effects of exaggerated inflammation”. 

While it’s still early to say that CBD is being used as an active treatment for COVID-19, this study gives us good reason to hope that CBD might eventually be used as a treatment to help fight ARDS.

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