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Yes, our CBD oils & CBD vape oils are perfectly legal in the U.K. Europe and the USA. Anyone can legally consume cannabis oil for health purposes without any concern over legalities. All our products contain 0.0% THC – Non-detectable levels unlike some CBD products available.

Although CBD has many special properties and all the research suggests that there are many potential benefits that can range from mental benefits to physical advantages, there is no guarantee that consuming CBD oil, CBD vape or other cannabinoid products will help with specific medical problems. Our products are sold as food supplements, to create a stable equilibrium in your mind & body providing wellbeing & happiness in your life. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Cannabinoids help supplement your Endocannabinoid system, CBD oil and CBD vape can be consumed without risking any of the side effects normally associated with taking cannabis as a recreational drug. CBD is entirely non-psychoactive and has many health benefits, so cannabis oil is an excellent addition to any diet as a food supplement.

CBD has been tested and found to be totally safe for consumption. It is always best to check with your GP first before starting to take any new dietary supplement, while anyone taking medication should also consult their doctor to ensure cannabis oil is suitable for them.

No. you will not experience a psychoactive side effect from consuming cannabis oil or CBD vape simply because this form of the product does not contain the right chemicals for this process to occur. To experience a ‘high’ the produce needs to contain THC, but CBD oil does not contain this ingredient. You can use cannabidiol oil without risking any of the other side effects associated with cannabis.

CBD and THC are the two main ingredients that are found in the cannabis plant, however they are not exactly the same thing. They are both cannabinoids but that is where the similarity ends. THC is the chemical that has a psychoactive effect, giving that ‘high’ sought by casual cannabis or marijuana users. CBD on the other hand is not psychoactive and non-toxic, so you can take it without experiencing the side effects associated with THC.

Cannabidiol oil can be consumed in a number of different ways. The best way for you depends on the exact product you buy and any oil you purchase will come with its own clear instructions to help you add this oil to your diet. CBD can come in the form of a balm that you can apply to your lips or a type of gum that you can chew. It can also be consumed in capsule form for those who prefer to swallow capsules with water. Our capsules are uniquely manufactured in a water-soluble solution leading to a dramatically improved body absorption & bioavailability; making these capsules the most effective & best valued CBD product on the market.

Although it is unlikely that cannabis oil or CBD vape will react with your other medications, it is always vital that you talk to your GP before taking any new dietary supplement to make sure that there will be no adverse reaction or that the CBD will react with your medication or reduce the efficiency of other supplements.

Many people like to improve the taste of their CBD product by including it as an ingredient in edible food stuffs such as cakes. You can easily do this by mixing the CBD oil in with the regular oil that you will use to cook or bake with, such as olive oil, sunflower oil or rape seed oil.

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